Alberta’s Economic Information

The following information, reports, white papers, and data on Alberta’s economic past and present, give some perspective on how the province is performing. By the numbers, we can make conclusions regarding what externalities affect us, what policies we can recommend to our provincial administration, and which industries require attention. We can decide for ourselves, as community members, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, advocates, and policy-makers, which directions to take when it comes to supporting business in our province. Economic diversification is not a zero sum game. By supporting each other in our own diverse interests, we elevate each other and therefore ourselves. The following reports serve as an opportunity outlook that will help us better serve our community of businesses as we continue to take on global markets.

Alberta’s Economic Growth (1997 to 2015)

How’s Alberta doing? View a snapshot of the changes in annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since 1997.

Alberta’s Economic Distribution (1997 to 2015)

Economic Distribution. See how Alberta’s gross domestic product (GDP) industry distribution has changed. What does the provinces diversification look like?