Diversify Alberta’s Advocates

We are a group of Alberta’s citizens working towards a prosperous future for our province. We are entrepreneurs, business leaders, students, community members, writers, reporters, and passionate individuals who are working towards a stable economic future for our province.

Though we stand for diversity, we understand that natural resources drive both our provincial and our national economies. We must never forget the benefits of both strong specialization and stable diversification can bring our communities.

Our Mantra

Our driving mission is to champion and advocate Alberta’s growing collective of business diversity through actionable leadership.

Our Mission

  1. Showcase Canadian owned, Alberta based firms operating or proving success within value-add business sectors.
  2. Promote inspiration, awareness, and discussion about opportunities throughout Alberta.
  3. Offer a platform for the general public, business leaders, and government bodies that will enable positive, diverse, and sustainable economic growth in Alberta.