Calgary’s own board game publisher, Roxley Game Laboratory exceeded their wildest expectations last night as the company’s latest kickstarter campaign attracted record-breaking numbers.

Santorini, Originally Designed and inspired by Math Pickle’s Dr. Gordon Hamilton, was reimagined by Gavan Brown and the Roxley Game laboratory team. It’s a deceptively simple strategy board game with a high factor of replayability. The inclusion of the stretch goal rewards through the crowdfunding campaign has ensured that the game has tons of variability with additional player characters and third player support!

After a ton of work, lots of support from friends, family, and many of Roxley’s fans, the Alberta-based board game publisher raised a whopping $700,524 from 7,112 backers to signify the launch of their latest masterpiece. Santorini is truly a beautiful game, and we cannot wait to play it.

Moments after the campaign ended Gavan, thanked all of Santorini’s supporters by saying, “When you play this game for the first time, remember that you helped make it. This campaign was a shining example of what crowdfunding is all about.” (Read the full update here…)

Though their latest tabletop title isn’t quite finished yet, the Roxley Game Laboratory team will be working to add the finishing touches to complete the product development cycle. Now that the kickstart battle is now over, the tough job of fulfilling orders will keep Roxley busy over the coming weeks and months.

Great job Roxley team! You guys did amazing! On behalf of Diversify Alberta, Congratulations!! As one of Alberta’s rising stars,We are proud to call Roxley Game Laboratory Albertan. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!