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Alberta is a region full of diversity. Our provincial community was founded by people from many different origins, cultures, and perspectives. The land that encompasses our great province also features a wide range of terrain, from sky reaching mountains, great lush forests, fresh flowing bodies of water, to high yielding farmland. It’s these elements combined that afford us the luxuries and opportunities that many other regions around the world do not have.

Alberta’s two largest cities, our provincial capital, Edmonton, and our largest city, Calgary, comprises more than half of the region’s population. As such, many profitable organizations like homegrown-independent small businesses and large multi-national enterprises have made our burgeoning centres the headquarters of their operations. In addition, many of the province’s smaller cities such as Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Grand Prairie, as well as the greater metropolitan and rural areas make significant contributions to both our provincial and national GDP.

Alberta’s economic engine is more than just Oil Sands, Natural Gas and resource extraction. Many thriving advocational bodies, financial institutions, research institutions, and world leading enterprises have started and built their business foundations right here in our province. They need our help, together, to showcase their successes, expertise, and thought leadership to create opportunities that will lead us to Alberta’s future economic prosperity.

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